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How to treat diaper rash

How to treat diaper rash
Although everyone wants to see a happy, healthy baby, diaper rash, a condition that causes the skin beneath the diaper to become red and tender, frequently causes discomfort for babies. Help your child by using the following advice from dermatologists to treat and prevent diaper rash at home. Read on further to know how to treat diaper rash.

     1. Make sure it's dry and clean. 

Keeping your baby's diaper clean and dry is the most crucial thing you can do to prevent and treat a rash. Use a soft cloth or a bottle squirt to gently clean the area when changing the diaper. Be careful when using wipes.

Refrain from using harsh scrubs and stay away from alcohol-based wipes. Giving your child a period of time without a diaper when they have a rash can also be beneficial. To give your child some time without wearing diapers, you can place towels or disposable waterproof pads on the floor.

Dry bathing a baby.


     2. Frequently change diapers 

Changing your child's diaper as soon as possible is recommended. A small amount of moisture that has been trapped can irritate skin and result in a rash. This is why it's important to change a child's diaper as soon as it gets even slightly wet, especially if they have an active diaper rash.

A baby lying on bed.


     3. Make the switch to disposable diapers

Although there are many advantages to using cloth diapers, they are not the ideal option if your child has a diaper rash. Until the diaper rash goes away, switching to incredibly absorbent disposable diapers can be helpful. They can hasten healing and help keep your child dry.

     4. Verify the size of the diaper on your child.

It can be more likely to get diaper rash and more difficult for an active rash to heal if the wrong size diaper is worn. An overly tight diaper can retain more moisture and hasten the development of a rash. An overly large diaper can rub against the skin, creating friction that exacerbates rashes. Check the size of your child's diaper right now. Try going to a different size.

     5. Use calming lotions 
To relieve skin irritation and shield it from faeces and other allergens, apply zinc-containing pastes or barrier creams. These products include, for instance:

Put a thin layer on your baby's skin to protect it from pee or faeces.
Vaseline-type jelly could be the best option because it's less expensive and typically has less dyes and fragrances. But jellies can be difficult to remove from cloth diapers and may stick to them. Additionally, their barrier isn't as strong as that of other creams.

  6. Think about different calming solutions.
Some people assert that using natural or alternative therapies will help their child's diaper rash heal more quickly. Nevertheless, the majority of these techniques have not been investigated and are not supported by empirical research. Anytime you feel that the rash is getting worse or isn't healing, stop using them and proceed with caution.

Massaging a baby.

Alternative remedies for diaper rash include:
  • witch hazel ointment
  • Aloe vera gel
  • shampoo clay
  • Calendula cream
  • breast milk
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