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How to swaddle a baby

How to swaddle a baby

If you want to know about How to swaddle a baby you are at the right place. Your baby most likely came back from her first visit to the hospital nursery wrapped in a cute little package with just her head showing. That's because swaddling is one of the secrets that nurses know to have a happy, content baby.

Swaddling is a simple calming technique where you wrap your baby in a swaddle blanket. You may even consider your snuggled infant to be a burrito!


Steps to swaddle a baby.


How to swaddle your baby step by step:

  1. Lay the blanket out flat on the floor, a bed, or a changing table, then fold one corner over.
  2. Your infant should be lying face up on the blanket with his head in the folded corner.
  3. Tuck the end of the blanket beneath your baby and wrap the right corner over him, keeping his right arm straight down by his side.
  4. Lift the blanket's lower corner up to cover his feet.
  5. With your baby's left arm hanging straight down by his side, wrap the left corner around him, exposing only his head and neck.
  6. Make sure his lower body can still move and that the blanket isn't too tight or restricting around his hips and legs. swaddling your child excessively tightly can cause discomfort to the baby.

The benefits of swaddling include:

  • helping in keeping your infant warm while she sleeps
  • reducing the likelihood that your infant will wake during sleep due to the startle reflex
  • giving her a feeling of security and safety by simulating the cosy womb environment
  • supporting your child's calmness, potentially even if they have colic
  • Providing comfort to your infant during potentially uncomfortable procedures, such as vaccinations.

Once a baby begins to roll over (usually around 3 or 4 months), parents stop swaddling them. The reason for this is that swaddling restricts movement, which may impede critical motor development. When your older baby outgrows the stage of swaddling, think about using a sleep sack to keep them warm and cosy.

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