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How to help a Teething baby

How to help a Teething baby

If you are looking for ways to on how to help a teething baby then you are at the right blog , but it can still be distressing for kids , still we will try to give all the required hacks to help your baby.

A simple cool spoon and a cold compress will help your teething baby. Though the exact time varies greatly, teething usually starts by the time a baby is six months old.

Traditional teething symptoms and indicators include:

  • excessive salivation
  • gnawing on things
  • Being irritable or grumpy
  • gums that are sore or sensitive
  • Temperature slightly rising, but not feverish

Tips for helping a teething baby: 

Since each baby is unique, you might need to try a few different things before you find what works for your child.

1. Give Your Child Cold Fruit 

Cool bananas are a nutritious and wonderful treat for your teething child's gums. Give your child the fruit to lick or suck on from a mesh feeder to reduce the chance of choking. 

Sliced cool bananas

2.Use a cold washcloth 

Put a fresh washcloth in the refrigerator after submerging it in water and wringing it out until it's barely damp. Give it to your baby to chew on after it has cooled and folded smaller. Please take care not to leave your child alone as this poses a risk of choking.

A toddler.

3 . For a simple baby remedy for teething, cool a metal spoon.

Take a regular teaspoon out of your kitchen drawer and refrigerate it; cool metal can be calming. After the spoon has cooled, gently massage your baby's gums with its back.

A toddler with spoon in her mouth.

4.Give your child a chilled teething toy that isn't gel to chew on.

Put your baby's preferred teething toy—one that is solid rather than liquid or gel-filled—in the refrigerator to cool it down before giving it to them. Be careful to keep the toy clean. Ensure that your infant can easily grasp the toy.

5.Wipe away the drool to avoid irritation.

There is a lot of extra dribble during teething. Neckerchiefs and dribble bibs can help shield your baby's clothing from stains. Using this to wipe a baby's chin is far less difficult than looking for a tissue or muslin. Wipe your baby's face gently frequently to help avoid rashes or irritation, but avoid doing so too frequently to the point where you irritate yourself. 

A new born baby.


Recall that early dental treatment helps create the foundation for lifelong good oral and gum health. Remember to be patient and loving. Your child needs you and so do you.

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