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How to Burp Baby

How to Burp Baby

Burping is an important step in caring for a baby, as it helps release any air trapped in their stomach during feeding, reducing the chances of discomfort or gas. Here's a simple guide on how to burp a baby.

Your baby may show signs of trapped gas in their stomach, such as crying, arching back, pulling legs into the stomach, or clenching their fists. Air bubbles can get stuck in the stomach of your baby during swallowing and cause discomfort. It also aids in avoiding spitting.

Here are 3 techniques that many parents use. Try them all out to see what works best or use a combination.

1.Beyond the shoulder

Baby hugging her mother.


With the infant's head resting on your shoulder, hold them up straight. With the other hand, give them a back pat.
Tip: A slightly cupped hand is kinder than a flattened palm.

2.Sitting on your lap

A baby sitting on her mother's lap.

Place your infant on your lap, using one hand to support their chin and chest. Use the other hand to pat or rub your child's back.
Tip: Gently pat your infant's back several times in succession.

3.Stretched out over your lap

A baby.

Lay your infant on your lap with their back to you, and give them a gentle pat or rub. A cloth should always be close by in case your child spits up.

4.Try laying your child on their back 

Give their stomach a light massage if they continue to show symptoms of trapped gas. Attempt to move your baby's legs in a bicycling motion. Consult your healthcare provider for advice on other options if these suggestions don't work.

There are no set rules for when to burp your baby , some babies require it during feeding, and some later. Keep an eye out for cues , if your baby appears uncomfortable during feeding, take a brief break to burp. Wait until they've finished eating if they seem fine.Your child will inform you! When burping, your baby might bring up some milk, so be prepared with a muslin square or burp cloth. There is no need to be concerned as this is entirely typical.

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