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Valentine's Day for New Parents : Celebrating Love

“Valentine's Day” - A day dedicated to the celebration of love and romance. When the world is busy planning for their “Special Day'' with their lover, for parents,however it can feel a bit more stressful than celebratory. With busy schedules and balancing between work and family, it constantly demands your time and energy. Romance in between all these constant chaos somehow takes the backseat. However, a Romantic connection with your partner is crucial to maintain a healthy balance between family and work, especially after your transition into parenthood.

This Valentine's Day, make an effort to nurture your relationship amidst the demands of parenting. We have curated “With Love” some amazing ideas to help you make the best of your special day and celebrate Valentine's day parents style!

Valentines Day For New Parents

Easy Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day as Parents

  1. Pamper Yourselves : "Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to give your relationship the centre stage again, try to make the best of it,” says Ingrid Schweiger, PhD, a New York City-based couples therapist. Spoiling each other with a little extra Love is no harm. Pamper your partner with their favourite chocolates or flowers. Utilise this moment to reinvent romance amidst all the responsibilities.

  2.  Plan a surprise outing : Plan a date with your wife. Take her out for a movie or a dinner at your favourite restaurant. “Take the day off and go on a walk together or have a picnic with your partner," suggests Alexandra Blumencranz, an Atlanta, Georgia-based certified parent coach.

  3. Plan a spa date : A relaxing spa can prove to be a little escape from Parenthood. Plan a spa session with each other at home or outdoors. Schweiger says. “Even if life has been stressful with all the new changes of parenthood, focus on what makes your partner unique and lovable,” she says. “Deepening your intimacy is what it’s all about.”

  4. Make each other your Priority : No matter what the circumstance, it is always a great excuse to get away with your partner and spend some quality time together. As Parents, spending alone time with your partner might seem impossible but make that your priority.

  5. Involve kids in your plans : Leaving your little ones back home can be a little overwhelming. Make plans which involve your kids as well. You can plan a family holiday or go to some museums nearby or even go for a family dinner. Make sure to carry all your essentials to keep them busy and make time for your partner.

  6. Be a role model for your kids : Kids learn from what they see around them. Therefore it is necessary for you to set a good example for them. The way they watch you treat your partner is what they will learn for life.“I want to display what I think a healthy relationship looks like. We're not perfect. We certainly have our issues but I think that we have a pretty healthy solid relationship and so I want my kids to see that. I want them to see like this is the way you treat each other as a couple and I think there's an important job to be done in displaying that to our kids like this is what we think a healthy strong relationship looks like and this is how we think you should treat your partner.” says Tina Singh, a YouTuber and a Mom of three.

  7. Cook dinner at home : As the proverb goes, “The way to a person's heart is through his stomach.” Food and love goes hand-in-hand. Cook a special dinner for your partner at home and spend some quality time together.

  8. A thoughtful gift : Valentine's day is not about showering your partner with extravagant gifts. Sometimes even small little gestures can do something thoughtful to your partner. Shower them with things they love or enjoy doing rather than gifting something expensive.

  9. Write love notes or bring them flowers or chocolates : Express your love by writing little notes. Let your partner know how thankful you are of them for all the efforts they make. Express how blessed you feel to have them as your partner. Everyone loves flowers. Bring them a bouquet of their favourite flowers or chocolates.

  10. Capture special moments : Plan out a family photo session. Capture those beautiful moments and use them as decorations. 


Valentine's day doesn't always need to be about expensive gifts or fancy places. It can be low-key as well as special at the same time. Do whatever it feels right for you and your parents. Make sure to acknowledge the day and make the best out of it. Having a baby recently should not hinder you and your partner from making efforts for your relationship. Because it's all about deepening your intimacy after all.


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