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How to choose safe kids wear

How to choose safe kids wear

Have you ever wondered How to choose safe kids wear ?
Your baby will be dressed most of the time starting when they are a newborn. Although clothing keeps us warm, clean, and allows us to express ourselves creatively, certain textiles are riskier than others.

This blog will help you choose nontoxic, safe clothing for your child so you can feel secure getting dressed (or helping them get dressed!) every day.

First and foremost, you need to be aware of the chemicals your children should not wear. Among the more well-known substances found in certain textiles are:

  • Chemicals used in the cultivation of cotton and other natural fibres . 
  • Formaldehyde is a fabric finisher that is used to make clothes that are "easy-care" or to lessen wrinkles.
  • AZO dyes: a type of colourant . 
  • Chlorobenzene, which is used to colour polyester apparel . 
  • Phthalates (used to make rubber and leather softer) .
How to choose safe clothing for kids: 

1.Select natural Dyes
Natural Dye items.

As you can see, one of the main health risks associated with clothing is chemical dyes. Purchasing clothing that is dyed naturally is the best way to stay away from harmful dyes. Even though many dyes are made from natural plant materials, they nevertheless produce stunning colours. These natural dyes are not only safer, but also more environmentally friendly.

2.View the chemical policies of the brand

Hat price tag.

Many businesses that have eschewed dangerous chemicals would like to share their story with you! Examining a brand's website for claims regarding the chemicals in their clothing is one of the best ways to choose safe clothing for your children. 

3.Before putting on clothes, wash them.

Clothing that has been washed before being worn by your child can help remove some of the irritating chemicals used in the final stages of the garment's creation, such as bleach or textile finishes. Children's skin is often more sensitive, so this is especially important for them. 

Aesthetic Washing machine.

This is not a complete solution because certain toxins persist after numerous washings. Washing clothes does, however, assist in getting rid of some of the most irritating substances.

4.Get approved organic wear


Cotton seeds.

Choosing cotton that is grown sustainably and organically is a great way to avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides, even though some natural materials like cotton may be cultivated using pesticides that are harmful and remain in the fibres.

A natural fiber's GOTS certification is the best indicator of its safety. Products using pesticide-free cotton are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.The next time you buy clothing for your child, keep these suggestions in mind and feel more at ease knowing that your child's health is being looked after.

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