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How to massage a baby

How to massage a baby

How to massage a baby , this is a question which all new mothers want to know.
Baby massage has been a popular pastime for parents and babies for centuries. Although the activity fosters parent-child relationships, its advantages go beyond nurture. Research has connected massage therapy for infants to better sleep, less stress, healthy brain and physical development, enhanced nonverbal communication, and more.

Steps to massage a baby

  1. Provide comfort for the infant: Consider giving the massage in a warm, dimly lit room. Given that the baby will be taking off their clothes for the massage, it's critical to ensure that the temperature is not too low. Place a soft towel or blanket on the floor or another secure, flat surface and lay the infant on their back. Play some relaxing music, if you'd like.

    A living room

  2. Use edible oil: If you are thinking of how to massage a baby , using edible oils is very important . Since the baby's fingers might wind up in their mouth, if you want to use massage oil, go for olive, avocado, or another edible oil. Use of mineral oil or any other inedible oil should be avoided as they are not digestible and may cause stomach distress for your infant.

    Edible oils for baby massage

  3. Apply light pressure when massaging a baby; never apply as much pressure as you would an adult. Never knead or press too hard when rubbing your baby's body with your fingers. Instead of using deep tissue massage or working out knots as you would with an adult, the objective is to gently stimulate the baby's skin with gentle, circular rubbing motions.

    Massaging a baby

  4. Apply pressure in a single direction. The standard procedure is to massage the skin in an orientation perpendicular to the heart. If you want to make it easier for them to fall asleep, this is a good technique to use because it has a calming effect on the body. Instead, you can massage in the direction of the heart, but keep in mindTo encourage your baby to feel more energetic, massage in the direction of their heart.

    Massaging a baby's back

  5. Give a try to a milking massage. You should apply this method to your baby's arms and legs. Using your forefinger and thumb, loosely form a C-shape around your baby's arm or leg. As if you were milking a cow, use a very gentle pulling motion to draw downward towards their hand or foot. Perform the action multiple times.

    Massage a baby's feet

  6. Give a rolling massage a try. It's possible that your baby will appreciate having their arms and legs "rolled." One limb at a time, gently roll your hands over it like you would dough. When your baby is resting on a blanket or towel, rock the affected limb back and forth. Repeat using each of the four limbs.

Steps for massaging baby's tummy for colic and constipation

When giving your baby a massage, avoid tickling them. Although the purpose of the massage is to promote relaxation, your baby may find this upsetting. Assist your infant in learning to view massage therapy as a peaceful, calming time spent together. A tickle could be startling or too stimulating, and they ought to be aware of what to anticipate

Refrain from massaging your infant right after feeding. Let your baby be calm and attentive for at least forty-five minutes, preferably before bedtime or following a nappy change.

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