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Why do babies grind their teeth

Why do babies grind teeth

Have you ever wondered why do Babies grind their teeth . Babies may start grinding their teeth when they go through the teething stage, either awake or asleep. Bruxism, or the grinding of teeth, is a fairly common problem. Twenty to thirty percent of kids clench their jaws or grind their teeth while they sleep, often in response to stress, according to medical professionals.

If you're a parent and you see that your child is grinding their teeth all the time, you might be worried. Even though most kids grow out of bruxism on their own and it's not an emergency, you should treat your child's bruxism as soon as possible to avoid tooth decay and damage.

What are common teeth grinding (bruxism) symptoms?

  • Grinding teeth often
  •  Clenching his/her jaw
  • Grinding loudly 
  • Damaged teeth
  • Pain in ears

Why do babies grind their teeth?

When a child gets their first tooth, or even as early as six months old, they may begin to grind their teeth. Babies continue to behave in this way as they become toddlers. Teeth grinding in toddlers usually happens while they are sleeping. Teeth grinding in infants and toddlers can be caused by the following: 

  • A sense of curiosity. A baby or toddler is curious about the feel, sound, and functionality of their new teeth when they erupt. They can experiment with all of the new senses they are discovering by grinding their teeth. 
  • Reaction to stress: Because they are unable to express their stress or dissatisfaction, babies and toddlers often grind their teeth as a coping mechanism.
  • Easing of pain: Just like adults, babies and toddlers who are in pain due to a new tooth or a toothache will grind their teeth to ease their discomfort. 
  • Health issue:  Children may grind their teeth, usually uncontrollably, as a result of certain medical conditions like cerebral palsy or certain medications.

Baby Grinding Teeth Remedies

Babies frequently grind their teeth to ease the discomfort of their erupting teeth. Giving your child any of the following treatments ought to help ease their suffering:

  • Teethers made of soft rubber that mould to your child's mouth.
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  • Cold rubber teething toys that reduce discomfort from erupting teeth.
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  • Teething necklaces made of silicone.
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Teeth Grinding Remedies for Toddlers

Because it gives them a way to decompress, toddlers frequently grind their teeth. Additionally, toddlers are more prone to grind their teeth while they sleep. Introducing a peaceful, stress-relieving bedtime ritual to your child can be very beneficial. Several soothing nighttime rituals consist of:

  • Taking turns reading a book.
  • Lowering the lights as sleeping draws near.
  • Using a white noise generator.
  • Establish a screen time curfew; it is advised to avoid using screens for an hour before bed.
  • Put relaxing scents in your child's room, like Lavender.

Bruxism treatment typically isn’t required until children have lost their baby teeth. If your child has their first tooth, or is starting to get baby teeth—it is time for their first dental visit. 

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